“never before have I heard this lyrically powerful a fusion of Jewish and jazz souls on fire”    

Nat Hentoff, The Wall Street Journal 


 "a whoopin', hollerin', testifyin' celebration of multicultural soul music. Imagine Charles Mingus sitting in with a Klezmer band, playing Gospel music set to the polyrhythmic pace of congas and bongos."

Carlos Ramos, The Rainbow Reporter


Through the combination of our ethnic world music mix and our ability to get an audience on its feet, The Afro-Semitic Experience has redefined the jazz concert and we are making a difference with our message of Unity in the Community. Come, be a part of the experience.

Our friendship ignites our passion and purpose: we merge our musical roots, Jewish and Afro-diasporic melodies and grooves, combining the core concepts of àse and shalom - power, action, unity, and peace. 

The Creator has a Master Plan: live at the Havre de Grace Opera House